Friday, 15 April 2011


Checked out this Vintage Sewing Machine which is still working for £30. It's so gorgeous but i just don't know if i will make any use of it. (Yet it would look great it my room). I love the wonders of what you can find in Charity Shops!

I then found this lovely little skirt also from a Charity Shop. I had wanted a floral sort of flippy skirt for a while now for summertime. I decided to clash my outfit a little & piece the skirt with a polka dot shirt. :)


  1. lovely outfit! you remind me a little of eliza doolittle in these pictures :)

  2. I got a Singer sewing machine for £12 from an antiques place near where i live, it wasn't working when i bought it but my stepdad managed to get it working! It's so beautiful :)
    Lovely outfit too xox

  3. this outfit is so cute, and really summery!
    plus your hair is actually amazing, is it naturally that curly?
    :) x