Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween.

I never do anything for Halloween but i really wanted to do something this year but it seems everyone is so tired from Uni work & rest is much needed.
If i was to choose a person to go as for a party right now, that person would be Bettie Page so here is my impression.
Nighty night. x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Just a little 80s & 90s inspiration.

Creep me.

This is what i wore to work on Saturday. Usually when i wear this dress i make it quite girly so this time i thought i would go the opposite with my oversized denim jacket & my darling creepers. I can't explain why i love this denim jacket so much, many look at it with slight concern but i think the floral embroidery makes it so quirky!
As you may or may not know i am forever a lover of vintage especially from the 1940's & 1950's but i have become slightly fascinated with the 1980s & of course the 90s over the past few weeks. I love the curly big hair, denim & bright bold knitwear!
Denim Jacket : Rokit Vintage. Floral Dress : Topshop. Creepers : Underground.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This is my newest face. I have been wearing less make up for college & my skin has never looked better in my opinion. Lately i have also decided to have less eye make up & instead have some popping colour on the lips. :)
At the weekend i think i'm also finally going to get rid of my dip dye..sick of the sight of it now!

Here is my latest lookbook. I have also been obsessed with all things sparkly & glittery. The jacket & shirt are both from charity shops, i swear charity shops are the best place to build up a substantial glitter shiny collection of clothing & accessories.
Here i'm also wearing my favourite hair style at the moment, i have been wearing my hair like this for a good few months & my sister always used to mock me for it but around lcf it's seeming like a popular hairstyle...maybe they have caught on ;). I just how it can show a good amount of face but with enough hair to preen at the same time!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Autumn, Autumn. It's getting really cold now but i couldn't resist freezing a little to take some photograph's of this skirt. I couldn't get into Uni today so i decided to flance around the house in this outfit below.

It's defiantly cold enough now for a faux fur hat.


I need a jumper like this in my life...knitwear + barbie = magic.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

leopard time.

It has turned quite chilly all of a sudden but luckily i do have a lovely collection of faux fur coats & jackets! This baby is from River Island a good 4/5 years ago & i remember buying it with my first ever pay packet. I have also dug out my wet look leggings which look great with so many pieces, i also have my eye on some glitter leggings! The rest of this whole outfit all comes from various charity shops, how i love them..

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


My newest image for lookbook. I love that dress too much.


I have been at LCF for a month now & still not yet mentioned anything about it on here. It has been really fun so far but alot of work & information to take in! At the moment under 'Trends' i'm having to study & complete; styling, photography, cultural studies, fashion history, journalism, visual studies & photoshopping sessions. I have around 4 tasks each for every section that have to be in for November alot of work to do. Fashion History & Styling are most defiantly my favourite subjects so far. I would love to combine the two in a job!

Dita Von Teese.

Dita is so wonderful. I wish i had a her life, clothes, just everything basically. I'm so excited for her Beauty Book to come out! I just think it's lovely how she does all her own make up, hair & styling. Also how could i forget to add just what a classy glamorous lady she is.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


This week i have decided to go for a more 'grunge' look as which a few people have commented about.Above was me earlier today on Oxford St. Today was a little punky with a nautical jumper for a little twist.

I really like the simple black dressing this season. Today i saw so many people rocking black maxi skirts in all different types of materials, to then flowing maxi dresses structured with a blazer.
My dream outfit at the moment would be a flowing sheer black maxi with a heavy metal band tee, along with a burgundy bowler hat plus plenty of chains & crosses.

Dip dying has also seemed pretty popular. I've seen many people around Uni with dip dyed hair or just plain block colour all over. A fantastic girl today had bright yellow hair! If you haven't dip dyed then try it because it's really fun yet as the colours fade it looks more effortless.
More things from today is some of my friends & myself did a little looking around Oxford St to see if we could spot any stylish people wearing next seasons trends, we ended up taking quite a few snaps. Hopefully i shall be able to upload a few on here. Asking to snap stylish people is quite fun & great for inspiration!
Anyway for now who knows what look i'm going for next week!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Love them or hate them. I got myself finally a pair of Underground Creepers & i'm so in love with them. I wore them for the first time today & i love the mixed reactions i got from them. Most Fashion conscious people at Uni (which they should be as it's LCF) loved them but as i was wating for my train at 6am this morning typical business men commuters turned a sneering eye at them ha!
UnderGround Creepers can be purchased from a whole range of stores & websites. Mine are from Office £89.
I have also been dip dying my hair again. This time i experimented with turquoise & pink, the colours have merged together to form something quite cool. My favourite so far.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Vivienne Westwood S/S 2012 Paris

I'm currently browsing through some shows from Paris Fashion Week & this is currently my favourite by Vivienne Westwood. I like how the whole look is so pure & white yet edgy with the platforms, hat & chunky necklace. This has inspired me.