Wednesday, 5 October 2011


This week i have decided to go for a more 'grunge' look as which a few people have commented about.Above was me earlier today on Oxford St. Today was a little punky with a nautical jumper for a little twist.

I really like the simple black dressing this season. Today i saw so many people rocking black maxi skirts in all different types of materials, to then flowing maxi dresses structured with a blazer.
My dream outfit at the moment would be a flowing sheer black maxi with a heavy metal band tee, along with a burgundy bowler hat plus plenty of chains & crosses.

Dip dying has also seemed pretty popular. I've seen many people around Uni with dip dyed hair or just plain block colour all over. A fantastic girl today had bright yellow hair! If you haven't dip dyed then try it because it's really fun yet as the colours fade it looks more effortless.
More things from today is some of my friends & myself did a little looking around Oxford St to see if we could spot any stylish people wearing next seasons trends, we ended up taking quite a few snaps. Hopefully i shall be able to upload a few on here. Asking to snap stylish people is quite fun & great for inspiration!
Anyway for now who knows what look i'm going for next week!

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