Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Miss Vintage Twinwood. I need Votes!

Hello my loves!
Twinwood Events for their fantastic festival have set up a Miss Vintage Twinwood Beauty Pageant. Me being a lovely of all things glamorous and vintage, i thought there would be no harm in entering! So i put my dearest 1950s Evening Dress on and entered my photo! 
The Top 10 girls to get the most 'likes' via Facebook get to go to Twinwood Festvial and there are 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes!
It would be fantastic to get into the Top 10 so please like 'Twinwood Events' on facebook and 'like' my photo on this link here

It would mean ever so much to me 
<3 xxxxx

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Continuing with this lovely weather, i got to wear one of my favourite Dresses. This is one of my favourites purely because the cut is so flattering! I do adore a longer length dress now, a couple of years ago i shuddered at the thought of wearing something not above the knee. 
That's what i love about the 50s! Dresses were longer in length but beautifully clinched in and flattered all assets!

This Dress is Vintage, i got it from a great 'Retro Room' in a local Charity Shop. It's great, it's like a little mini museum full of vintage handbags and garments! So many Charity Shops have added in Vintage & Retro sections into their shops, alot of the pieces can be rather 'granny' but every now and then you will find a gem! :) My handbag i also purchased from the Retro Room!


Friday, 25 May 2012

Hearts & All

My new favourite outfit. Girly pink & hearts.
These heart shorts are the flattering pair i own. Perfect if you have an hourglass shape like myself as they go in perfectly at the waist. 
Secondly is this sweet pink jacket, it's the shape of a biker but soft quilted material.
Here i also tried out bobbing my hair but using the smallest hair rollers i own!
 Heart Shorts: Topshop £38
Jacket: Topshop £65. 


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Perfect weather for a dress!

Hello lovelies! I hope many of you in England have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week. It sure does brighten up my mood. :) With the weather being so wonderful, i can finally wear some of my favourite dresses without having to cover up with a coat or jacket!
Here i'm wearing one of my favourite dresses which is not actually Vintage!
This darling is from Topshop and usually i find it hard for a Topshop dress to fit me perfectly but ah this one is a dream. It's a classic 50s cut, goes in beautifully at the waist and falls to the knee. Also in my favourite pattern of polka dots. 
This Dress is still available in store and online at topshop.com £38.
Have a lovely week 

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt used to be a piece of clothing i used to shy away from, purely because i was not comfortable with my curves. However as my influences have obviously changed i now can't think of anything more flattering to wear. The Pencil Skirt looks classy yet revealing without flashing too much flesh. They look great on all women as long as the proportions are balanced out correctly you can look amazing. These lovely ladies below will hopefully give you some inspiration..

The stunning Kim Kardahsian in a Sophia Loren inspired outfit. This 50s look suits her and her shape so much.

The timeless beauty Marilyn Monroe. Above a Costume Test for Niagara. Below in black and white. 

Here is what i wore to work at the weekend. My skirt actually has a hint of glitter with a gorgeous sheen that you can't see on the photo! I love this outfit and i got very nice compliments about my figure, one person said ''how do you get your body like that?'' luckily i'm blessed with a small waist! The only part of my body mind that fat doesn't go to.. 
Top £8 Skirt £26 Both Topshop. 


Friday, 11 May 2012

Pageant Princess

What a Pageant Princess needs? Topshop have the most beautiful trend in store 'Pageant Princess' and since almost working part time in Topshop for almost 2 years this is my most favourite trend! It has been inspired by the 1950s hourglass shape, beautiful pastel colours, with also a hint of PRADA S/S 12 influence. I have so many pieces now from this trend, i just adore it. Here are a few pieces i have purchased this week 
 50 Years this year since one of the most beautiful ladies in the world Marilyn died. Of course I had to buy this months Vanity Fair.

I'm always trying out so many different brands of Red Lipstick and this is my new favourite. This is by N0 7 from Boots in shade 'Siren'. It glides on like a dream and makes the lips look extra pouty..a Pin Up's dream!

Pink High Waisted Heart Shorts from Topshop £36. I fell in love with this when i first saw them, they are just so perfect! I always get into alot of bother trying to find shorts that fit my figure as my waist is tiny compared to my hips! However these are perfect so perfect if you are an hourglass and i can also imagine these fitting any body shape perfectly as the panels are so flattering. 

Pink Material Biker Jacket Topshop £65. This looks sweet with my shorts, it's such a cute jacket. It's a  slight mix of everything it's a biker but pink and it's not your typical biker jacket material. Ah i just adore it so bubblegum like.

Lastly i have consumed a wide selection of stunning Vintage Handbags over the past couple of weeks. Ladylike Vintage Handbags always make a girly outfit perfect.
I wish i could keep these handbags but they will be up for sale on either Etsy UK or eBay in the next few days... :)


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My eBay!

Hello my lovelys! I'm having a massive clear out at the moment and also sourcing and selling beautiful vintage clothing and accessories. It all seems to be going pretty well at the moment so if you have a chance please take a look! I have some lovely authentic and replica vintage pieces plus some gorgeous pieces from Topshop that need a new home!! 


Thursday, 3 May 2012


 Priscilla Presley & her big hair.

 Priscilla & Elvis above.
Below Priscilla with her glam dark eye make up.

I very rarely have straight hair as i tend to hate it but on Monday I decided to try it out, as people always want to see how i look with straight hair..however without my rolled hair i feel lost without my Vintage Identity! Anyway lately i have become a little obsessed with Elvis Presley and his lady friends! Coming across Priscilla i adore her thick black massive hair and glam eye make up, she must be some sort of inspiration behind Lana Del Reys beauty queen look. 

So here is my straight hair, obviously no way as big as Priscilla's but i may play around with it with some curls at the bottom or i may even perfect a beehive!