Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Little Museum Trip.

I think i could fit in well inside a little vintage 1940's kitchen. ;)

Lovely little kitch items, love the teapot & cup.

Cosy fireplace.

Beautiful cross stitch!

Wartime Nurses.

Monday, 25 July 2011

fluffy fluffy pom pom

Today for the first time in ages i got to have a browse in my favourite charity shop & look what i found! I found this cardigan in the vintage section & it caught my eye as soon as i walked into the shop, it's just so fluffy glittery & different. I know that when i will wear it especially where i live people will stare at it like 'eurghh' or 'oooh' which is exactly why i like to wear slightly garish things. I also managed to get hold of a white shirt with a really cool mad print on the collars & sleeves..love it.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Last year

This was me around the near end of June last year. Me & Anne were waiting to go & see The Drums at Cambridge Junction. This was my first outing with that bag & my first Tapestry Bag (charity shop of course).

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Pearl Lowe vintage inspired dress from my friend Anne's wardrobe. I love the style of this dress & how it's supposed to fit,it was just a tad few sizes too big hense the ruffling. I swear it also makes me top half look bigger than it is but i have been told not to complain...

This dress is from Lipsy which is also my friends! At first i really would have not looked at it twice but i find the halterneck style really flattering & how it goes in at the waist.


I got hold of a couple of photo's that my friend took back in November. It was a lovely day. You know also when usually when you get ready at least one thing goes wrong for example hair, make up or outfit but that day everything was good. That was also one of my favourite outfits, the lace shirt i happened to get free & it has the most cutest collars. Also the scarf i'm wearing there i knitted myself, i'm proud of that.


Bad food is sometimes like the way to my heart so today i have been working on some Pilates to make up for the bad food that i had round my lovely friend Anne's house. I got treated very well. Anne also has a wonderful selection of clothes which i happened to try on which will be in my next post!

Also this happened to be my horoscope (leo) for this week & a few moments before me & my friend were discussing a 'virtual stranger' who sent me a lovely message so then that happened to be in the magazine. Maybe it's a sign telling me it is who i think it is...either way well done Grazia Horoscope. First accurate one in a while.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Polka Dot Princess.

I have blogged about this dress before when i first got it but i just love it too much. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet still so i thought i would do a lookbook. I always feel very much fairy princessy when i wear it so with my second photo i thought i would toughen it up abit with a Jacket that i happened to find! This jacket i found in a vintage section in a Charity Shop for £5 , i especially love the studs on the collars & pockets. The Sunglasses i also have there are new & happen to be RayBan which i luckily happened to find ;).

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Vintage cupcakes.

I was just having a little browse on the Internet doing a little bit of research into Vintage Clothing Shops & then i thought 'hmm i wonder if vintage cupcakes exist'? Tadaa look what i found! A lovely little Cupcakery in Ogden, Utah in the United States. Sadly i cannot visit as i live in England but I'm so delighted that something so fabulous exists firstly because i love anything vintage & secondly because i find the taste of cupcakes beautiful.

Reasons i had been thinking of Vintage Clothing & Cupcakes is because when i do eventually have my very own Vintage Shop, i also want to offer tea & cake because in my opinion they go perfectly together.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Cat Eye Glasses & Flowers.

A few weeks ago i received a very cool pair of Cat Eye Glasses that i ordered off eBay, i think they are so much fun to wear. Here are just a few random photo's a snapped on my BlackBerry. I love flowers & would like a little Flower Garden when i have my own house.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Vintage Swimwear.

Even though the English Summer never seems to last very long,i think most of us girlie's think about what we are going to wear on the beach or on holiday when it comes to summer. I have been longing for a Vintage style swimsuit or bikini. I love the silhouettes & the decoration of them, they were defiantly not dressing down back then. There are just a few i adore.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pleated Dresses.

There has always been one style of Dress that i have always admired & that is the Pleated Dress. I love have pleat dresses fall & the feeling of being able to swirl around in them. The feeling of femininity that i love. Maybe one other reason why i adore them could be because of the wonderful infamous Marilyn Monroe in that ivory pleated dress from the movie ''The Seven Year Itch'' .

The Dress went up for auction recently & fetched a whopping $ 4, 600, 000! For most of us who don't have a spare million in the bank here are a couple of Dresses from the High St & Online.





Lastly this is my Dress that i purchased this week from H&M for just £29.99. I just fell in love with it,sadly due to not having a good phone camera you can't see the quality of the dress so better photo's to come!
On my wish list is a Vintage Pink Pleated Dress 1950's that cinches in perfectly at the waist. I saw the most perfect one on a lovely Vintage Stall at Norwich Market last week but not my size..gutted!