Monday, 12 March 2012

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition

I adore Marilyn more than any actress that has and will ever exist. To me she was one of the most beautiful ladies in the whole world and she plays the part in so many of my favourite movies so obviously i was so happy that London finally get to see some of her dresses!
There are 12 costumes/dresses, the majority are costumes that she wore in some of her more well known films. I can't get over the red dress that was worn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it's just the most beautiful thing ever and i think it's because it's from one of my favourites. The whole exhibition gives me goosebumps knowing Marilyn wore these and it's just such a pleasure to look at them.
The exhibition is free and as you can see above it's on until may 18th in London at the Getty Images Gallery, just around the corner from Topshop & Urban Outfitters on Oxford St!

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition Continued...