Friday, 9 March 2012

I have wanted a decent pair of trousers for some time now but have always had trouble finding a pair to suit & fit my figure! I hate anything that makes my butt look double the size & my legs look stumpy so i always head for a dress, as it's easy. Luckily today i have found the most perfect pair of dogtooth trousers, that i absolutly love! I have longed for a pair for ages, since 'January' in my Marilyn Calender has MM wearing a pair wonderfully. They flatter my legs so well & also the bottom! I just paired them with a simple white vintage jumper, again inspired by Marilyn below.
Jumper: Charity Shop £1!
Trousers: H&M £25

Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe


  1. Nice look, I really like the crop pants! I really find they're such a nice style to wear, i have quite short legs so i get the issue of my legs always looking stumpy but recently i've come to love wearing cropped trousers :)
    And your hair is a gorgeous colour I must say!

  2. You look so beautiful, I'm loving such a simple style <3 So vintage... anyway love !! xo