Saturday, 23 April 2011

A little '80's'

My sister just took these quick photo's of me last week, as we were both rifling through my wardrobe creating new outfits. Amazingly i found a Glittery Jacket & Shirt Dress which i found left in a bag! I've realised i've had this Jacket for almost 2 years & not worn it since,it is really glittery but you can't really see in the photograph! The 'dress' is actually a very large shirt that i once found in a Charity Shop & i just teamed it with some heels (which i have also never worn) & they are from Miss Selfridge. I love the electric blue colour & the studs on the shoes.


Monday, 18 April 2011


HAIRTIME. I quite often always get asked if my hair is naturally curly & most people are usually quite shocked that my hair is naturally straight & that i curl almost everyday!

In this photograph here,this is what my curlers can achieve! I always love having curly hair because it makes me feel glamorous!

This Babyliss Curling Wand is what i use to achieve my curls. It has around five heat settings to achieve different curls so you can create lose wavy curls or tight dolly curls. I have been using this curling wand for nearly two years & i find it really easy to use. Plus considering that my hair is so long,it can take around ten minutes to twenty minutes to achieve tight looking curls! x

Sunday, 17 April 2011


This is my favourite floral top i think. I found it a couple of weeks ago & it stood out because of the amazing colours so now it looks good on & fabulous in my wardrobe. Plus it cost only £1 how fabby. I've popped this photo on lookbook as i had neglected my lookbook for a few weeks. I also around four or maybe five new looks on there at the moment.

My clothes may not be designer & my photo's are certainly not professional..i'm just a girl who wants to show my love for vintage & that you don't need to spend terrible amounts of money on clothes to feel & look good. :) (hopefully some people will think that anyway..) x

Friday, 15 April 2011


This is my Barbie top. It actually comes with a pair of dead sexy pink shorts because it's actually a bedtime top.

Yet i still think that Barbie should be shown off in all her glory. This reminds me that i have a fabulous Barbie book that i must show. I know i will be 20 years of age this year but Barbie is a babe. x


Checked out this Vintage Sewing Machine which is still working for £30. It's so gorgeous but i just don't know if i will make any use of it. (Yet it would look great it my room). I love the wonders of what you can find in Charity Shops!

I then found this lovely little skirt also from a Charity Shop. I had wanted a floral sort of flippy skirt for a while now for summertime. I decided to clash my outfit a little & piece the skirt with a polka dot shirt. :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Minnie Mouse.

It's been a while since I've updated my lookbook & so i thought I'd try today! As the weather has been absolutely beautiful at the moment where i live,I've been able to wear my Vintage Levi's! I popped on my Minnie Mouse top that i adore & thought it needed to be shared. :)

The sunglasses are a current favourite of mine which are from Primark for £2 which are exactly identical to the ones i see at work (topshop) for £16 so you know where to go if you want a copycat pair... I try not to spend too much money on sunglasses because i always lose them or they just break!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Today I'm wearing a jumper which is very 80's that i purchased from Prim Vintage a few weeks ago. Today is the first day i have worn it as I'm trying to figure out what to piece it with but i love the bright colours plus I won't see anybody else wearing it.