Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Faux Fur Cape

I have never loved one item as much as i love this...it makes me feel like a glamorous bitch & everyone stares at it because it's amazing.
I have not blogged on here for ages so i apologise, i have had so much work at Uni & then at Topshop...but just one more week left of Uni but i will miss all my LDN friends as i won't see them for a month!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Hello my sweets. Since i have moved house i have been having a major clear out, as i realised i still have so much that i just do not wear. All is up for bidding on eBay, items from faux fur coats, a barbour style jacket, lots of vintage & topshop knitwear. :)

Everything is here :

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Charity Shop Finds.

I do love a good Charity Shop binge & yesterday i had a lovely time. I had been in dying need for some more knitwear & so there was quite alot of jumpers & cardigans about! I eventually ended up gaining a sweet baby pink hand knitted cardigan & a luscious yellow jumper again hand knitted. The jumper & cardigan colours make me think of candy coated sweeties, which leads into the pastel trend i predict for next season! I always have such affection for hand knitted items as it's like they have some sentiment to them as well as no one else will own that item. :) More than that i attained a marvelous denim dress which is retro. Off hanger at times i don't think it looks as appealing yet on it does wonders for my figure, hugging in at all the right places, plus it's a very classy length. I hope to wear it on Monday when lovely Anne visits in London, i'm going to wear it with my Dr.Martens. Peachy :)

The other items i got were, another jumper green knitted! A retro minnie mouse rucksack (it's kids but i don't care minnie mouse forever). A floral slouchy bag. Plus Cat earrings!! Amazing.


If i could eventually have every single pair of these Creepers i have selected on here, then i do think i would be a very blissful & content girl for life. Since i have received a good few questions about my creepers, i thought i would dedicate a post to the wonderful shoe.
Many times i have been asked are they comfy? Yes, they have never blistered me once however i have heard others complain so always get the right size for you!
I generally wear a small UK Size 6 or a 5. I wear a size 5 for my creeps but i could do with a size 4, as i find them quite clompy!
Wearing creepers is seriously just a fun experience, people will stare at them with admiration or antipathy ;).
Finally you can look & buy all these babies from here
They are also sold at main Office Shoes stores, various Topshop Stores & Urban Outfitters, all from what i have seen in London. :) x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Charity Shop Monday

Today me & my amiable ally friend Anne undertook some serious charity shopping today in Woodbridge and Felixstowe. We did have a peachy time therefore tomorrow i shall dedicate a post to what i purchased as i fervor some of the pieces i have gained!
Anne commanded me not to take any photographs of her today yet she was wearing the most sheekish dress effortlessly.

What i wore (From top to bottom)
Knitted Headband & belt: Primark (how wonderfully cheap)
Studded Leather Jacket: Goldie Concession for Topshop
Maxi Dress: Forever 21
Boots: Dr.Martens (finally hurrahh)
Bag & Chain: Charity Shops

Friday, 4 November 2011


Loving Charlotte Free on the cover of Wonderland. This makes me want to colour my hair again..