Tuesday, 8 November 2011


If i could eventually have every single pair of these Creepers i have selected on here, then i do think i would be a very blissful & content girl for life. Since i have received a good few questions about my creepers, i thought i would dedicate a post to the wonderful shoe.
Many times i have been asked are they comfy? Yes, they have never blistered me once however i have heard others complain so always get the right size for you!
I generally wear a small UK Size 6 or a 5. I wear a size 5 for my creeps but i could do with a size 4, as i find them quite clompy!
Wearing creepers is seriously just a fun experience, people will stare at them with admiration or antipathy ;).
Finally you can look & buy all these babies from here
They are also sold at main Office Shoes stores, various Topshop Stores & Urban Outfitters, all from what i have seen in London. :) x

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