Monday, 18 April 2011


HAIRTIME. I quite often always get asked if my hair is naturally curly & most people are usually quite shocked that my hair is naturally straight & that i curl almost everyday!

In this photograph here,this is what my curlers can achieve! I always love having curly hair because it makes me feel glamorous!

This Babyliss Curling Wand is what i use to achieve my curls. It has around five heat settings to achieve different curls so you can create lose wavy curls or tight dolly curls. I have been using this curling wand for nearly two years & i find it really easy to use. Plus considering that my hair is so long,it can take around ten minutes to twenty minutes to achieve tight looking curls! x


  1. thankss for doing this post, might have to request these as a (very) early birthday present ha
    :) x

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  3. yes thanks for doing this post, i really wanted to get some curlers and now knowing they do different looks such as tight or loose curls, i might have to get them:)

  4. what?? how does that work? your hair looks great curly, and i agree, it always makes me feel more glamorous. i just wish i could find the time!