Sunday, 17 April 2011


This is my favourite floral top i think. I found it a couple of weeks ago & it stood out because of the amazing colours so now it looks good on & fabulous in my wardrobe. Plus it cost only £1 how fabby. I've popped this photo on lookbook as i had neglected my lookbook for a few weeks. I also around four or maybe five new looks on there at the moment.

My clothes may not be designer & my photo's are certainly not professional..i'm just a girl who wants to show my love for vintage & that you don't need to spend terrible amounts of money on clothes to feel & look good. :) (hopefully some people will think that anyway..) x


  1. totally agree with you :)

    sarah x

  2. i agree too, i feel so bad if i spend lots of money on clothes, and amazing finds make you feel so proud ha!
    ohh, your hair isnt naturally curly? how did you make it like really tight curls? :)

  3. yes, of course good, if you want to be a designer then do it I'll support you

    and I agree on your inspiration