Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Polka Dot Princess.

I have blogged about this dress before when i first got it but i just love it too much. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet still so i thought i would do a lookbook. I always feel very much fairy princessy when i wear it so with my second photo i thought i would toughen it up abit with a Jacket that i happened to find! This jacket i found in a vintage section in a Charity Shop for £5 , i especially love the studs on the collars & pockets. The Sunglasses i also have there are new & happen to be RayBan which i luckily happened to find ;).


  1. I love your jacket, you look lovely :)!,

    Summer xox

  2. I love that dress! And I also like how you 80's-fied it with the jacket and ponytail

  3. Super cute tea dress!

    -love the coordination skills with the wallpaper too hehe

    Much Love,

  4. Very pretty !!!!! I love the dress you wore.... you`re lucky that you got great jacket such a price !! <3

    kisses SHIKI.