Sunday, 27 May 2012


Continuing with this lovely weather, i got to wear one of my favourite Dresses. This is one of my favourites purely because the cut is so flattering! I do adore a longer length dress now, a couple of years ago i shuddered at the thought of wearing something not above the knee. 
That's what i love about the 50s! Dresses were longer in length but beautifully clinched in and flattered all assets!

This Dress is Vintage, i got it from a great 'Retro Room' in a local Charity Shop. It's great, it's like a little mini museum full of vintage handbags and garments! So many Charity Shops have added in Vintage & Retro sections into their shops, alot of the pieces can be rather 'granny' but every now and then you will find a gem! :) My handbag i also purchased from the Retro Room!



  1. You remind me Dita von Tees :) You look gorgeous :)

  2. So vintage!!
    S xx