Monday, 14 May 2012

The Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt used to be a piece of clothing i used to shy away from, purely because i was not comfortable with my curves. However as my influences have obviously changed i now can't think of anything more flattering to wear. The Pencil Skirt looks classy yet revealing without flashing too much flesh. They look great on all women as long as the proportions are balanced out correctly you can look amazing. These lovely ladies below will hopefully give you some inspiration..

The stunning Kim Kardahsian in a Sophia Loren inspired outfit. This 50s look suits her and her shape so much.

The timeless beauty Marilyn Monroe. Above a Costume Test for Niagara. Below in black and white. 

Here is what i wore to work at the weekend. My skirt actually has a hint of glitter with a gorgeous sheen that you can't see on the photo! I love this outfit and i got very nice compliments about my figure, one person said ''how do you get your body like that?'' luckily i'm blessed with a small waist! The only part of my body mind that fat doesn't go to.. 
Top £8 Skirt £26 Both Topshop. 



  1. you look incredible in that outfit!

  2. Looks amazing on you!
    S xx

  3. omg your body is perfect in that outfit!