Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This is my newest face. I have been wearing less make up for college & my skin has never looked better in my opinion. Lately i have also decided to have less eye make up & instead have some popping colour on the lips. :)
At the weekend i think i'm also finally going to get rid of my dip dye..sick of the sight of it now!

Here is my latest lookbook. I have also been obsessed with all things sparkly & glittery. The jacket & shirt are both from charity shops, i swear charity shops are the best place to build up a substantial glitter shiny collection of clothing & accessories.
Here i'm also wearing my favourite hair style at the moment, i have been wearing my hair like this for a good few months & my sister always used to mock me for it but around lcf it's seeming like a popular hairstyle...maybe they have caught on ;). I just how it can show a good amount of face but with enough hair to preen at the same time!


  1. You look so gorgeous, the simple make up is perfect on you. And Im loving your dress!


  2. I think I'm going to be doing the same! Branching out of my standard heavy eyes light lips situation.

    The simple make up really looks good on you! I also am in love with that jacket you have on :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I just recently dip dyed my hair but it seems alot of people are getting rid of theirs :(


  4. damn! I really like your outfit. And I adore all your stuffs. It seems like you're in the 90's.