Friday, 9 September 2011

Barbie Girl.

Hello Hello. I have been going lookbook crazy this week as i have had the spare time. Here above is my fabulous Barbie Tshirt that was from Topshop a couple of years ago. I actually adore anything that has barbie on it..i don't know why. My inner child i guess.

Then here is a fabulous Nautical Jumper that i found at a Jumble Sale for 10p. Amazinggg. Jumble Sales can be fabulous.
Anyway i hope everyone is having a good evening. I have to work over the weekend but shall be having a drink or two & a boogie tomorrow night! I hope to take some photographs of whatever dress i shall be wearing.


  1. Can't believe that top was 10p!! You lucky duck!!

  2. beautiful outfit ;)
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  3. Not enough view of your outfit in your posts!! :)
    so pretty!

  4. Ahh 10p! you lucky girl wish i could find amazing clothes for that price

    S xx

  5. Love your pictures <3

    xoxo SHIKI.