Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pin Up Inspiration.

This year i have become very confident with my body shape & that i no more wanted to be 'skinny'. My hourglass curves were fading & i felt very unwomanly. Since i have surrounded myself with more positive influences i feel lovely. As i have been becoming ever more obsessed with Vintage, i adore the idea of being a 'pin up' or vintage model! Especially after winning a competition in Vintage Life Magazine it's given me a boost!
So the other night i remembered Suicide Girls who are a lovely group of alternative models of all different shapes, sizes & looks..i have adored them since the age of 14. Anyway i thought i might apply & see if i would be any good & i got through the first part of the application! :) So now i have to send in a set of photographs but i have as long as i need to do so to make it perfect & hopefully be accepted. I'm now currently looking for inspiration from the past especially images of Bettie Page & Gil Elvgren art!


  1. These pics are lovely. I'm glad your so confident with your shape. You look love in all your photos why wouldn't you be??

  2. I am happy for you, accepting your body can be hard at times but these pictures are sweet and make great inspiration- who doesn't love hourglass! Good luck!