Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cookie Monster.

Those are my favourite shoes that i have never worn out because i have never found an occasion,yet they do look very beautiful on display in my room. This is my most recent lookbook with the wonderful Cookie Monster. I'm currently obsessed with character tshirts & they do seem ever so popular on lookbook for example my Minnie mouse tshirt,is my most popular look to date with now over 900+ hype. Minnie did me proud. To add to the collection i won this really cool Retro Cat Tshirt on eBay,i'm so excited for it to arrive.Plus i have been craving a cat top for months. Has anybody else got a favourite character tshirt they adore? I just now need a Barbie one to finish the collection.

I have had such a quiet week these past few days as i have been ill & not able to go out of the house much! I thought it would be a joy to sit in & to watch a dozen old films but i have watched 0.


  1. Im currently searching for a mickey mouse jumper! love the cartoon style clothes :)

  2. lovely blog babe :) xx

  3. wow lovely picture !
    these shoes are gorgeous !!!
    i'm in love with them