Wednesday, 4 January 2012


A couple of weeks back i got rid of my dip dye for once and for all & also had my hair cut shorter! It hasn't been this short in years but i had wanted to change the length for so long as it's much easier to replicate vintage hair styles with more manageable hair! Also i have gone red, which I'm liking very much.
My younger darling sister has also been kindly rolling my hair around 3 or 4 times a week! So now i have the hair i have wanted for months! I'm trying to experiment for different styles of curls so i can replicate some of my favourite movie stars styles. I will keep it updated on here.


  1. Love your new hair! And your blouse is amazing!

    Kirsti xx

  2. Your hair looks so lovely here! I love the colour and the curls. it's gorgeous.

  3. your hair looks lovelyyyyyyy x

  4. aww your hair looks amazing like that! The colour is so nice and you have such a cute vintage style!