Monday, 12 December 2011

50's Dress!

Finally i own a 50s dress made of my dreams!
Today i finally got to go shopping in Norwich & visited my two favourite Vintage Shops! I actually bought so much, for my 'new style' ;) that I'm going for at the moment which i will put up tomorrow but i just wanted to share this wonderful dress. :)
When i first saw it i was instantly in love..i think many of you know that feeling, that a piece belongs to you. This belongs to me! I just need my hair perfectly primmed to make it look better! This is defiantly going to be my Christmas/ new years dress :)


  1. Beautiful dress! very vintage! I like it!

  2. That is so adorable. And you're right, that dress is completely you!

  3. aww what a cute vintage dress!

  4. Love this dress, it's perfect!